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Red Zone Expansion

Every football game tells a story. The underdog claws back from a big deficit to force Overtime. The favorite destroys the competition. Two evenly matched teams trade lead changes back and forth in an epic tug of war. Welcome to Breakaway Football: Red Zone where these stories develop quickly like a TV highlight package.

The Red Zone expansion set allows players to simulate games between any two Breakaway Football teams in under 15 minutes. Red Zone is the perfect complement for players looking to host tournaments or entire seasons, either head-up or in Solo mode, because games between AI coaches can be simulated very quickly.

For example, let’s say a solo player wants to play an entire 14-week season using 16 unique Breakaway Football teams – a regular season total of 112 games! With Red Zone, Solo players can play their team’s game in 60 minutes, then use Red Zone to simulate the seven “other” games in under 15 minutes each.

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