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Weather Rules Expansion

Weather expansion boardBreakaway Football is game of strategy, of X’s and O’s, but football is a game of mud and rain, of wind and frigid cold. This is a game where players must adapt to the environment and master the elements to achieve victory.

Extreme cold has shaped the mythology of Pro Football, from the “Ice Bowl” in Green Bay to the “Freezer Bowl” in Cincinnati and “Red Right 88” in Cleveland. Snow, sleet, ice, and extreme cold change the conditions of the game and force coaches to adjust their strategies.

Rain imbues football with an epic scope and sweeping importance that cannot be understated. Deluge games are just plain awesome, especially the way elite athletes are hobbled by wet hands, soft earth, and standing water. Add in wind and you’ve got football weather.

With this new Breakaway Football Weather Rules Expansion, you can now experience these same epic coaching conditions at your own table.

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