Silver Scream

Welcome to Camp Morningwood. It is 1985 and you are living in a movie. Except that movie is a slasher film, and you are one of the victims… or are you the star of the show? It’s up to you to decide.

In this upcoming cooperative/competitive adventure from the Uplink Underground, up to five players take on the role of young counselors at a sleep-away camp deep in the woods. As the sun goes down, strange things start to happen, and when you reach Act 2, the attacks begin. Can you find the killer’s weaknesses and exploit them to stop him for good? Or can you simply survive until dawn? And when the show is over, will YOU be the star, or just another supporting cast member? Will your tale be one of romance or comedy or supernatural horror? Your decisions will be saved on the Story Board to chronicle the entire movie from start to finish, and memorialize those unlucky souls who perish on the Silver Scream.

Players: 2-5
Time: 60-90 minutes
Style: Cooperative/Competitive

  • Modular game board and multiple variables in each Script, for maximum replayability
  • Story Board mechanic tracks significant game events, compiling a thrilling summary of each Screening
  • Decide which Events to pursue to set a consistent Theme for your film
  • Each player controls 1 main character and several supporting cast members
  • Gain Courage to stand up to the Killer, or Plot Points to reveal his or her vulnerabilities
  • Two victory conditions: Defeat the Killer once and for all, or survive the night until dawn
  • In the end, the player with the most effect on the outcome will be declared the Star


*This product is still in the development and play-testing mode, so be patient! Stay tuned to our site, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, for updates on the development process.