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Silver Scream

Welcome to Camp Morningwood. It is 1985 and you are living in a movie. Except that movie is a slasher film, and you are one of the victims!

In this upcoming cooperative adventure from the Uplink Underground, up to five players take on the role of young counselors at a sleepaway camp deep in the woods. As the sun goes down, strange things start to happen, and when you reach Act 2, the attacks begin. Your job is to protect the Protagonist and make her job (staying alive) easier. Can you discover the Killer’s secrets and exploit them to weaken him for the final conflict? Or can you earn enough special abilities to make your eventual demise worth so much more? And when the show reaches its climax, will the Protagonist be able to defeat the Killer and escape with her life? Your decisions will be saved on the Story Board to chronicle the entire movie from start to finish, and memorialize those unlucky souls who perish on the Silver Scream!


Players: 2-5
Time: 60-90 minutes
Style: Cooperative

  • Modular game board and a number of variables in each Script, for maximum replayability
  • Multiple options for Killers and Protagonists, each with unique abilities
  • Survive each of 12 Scenes to empower the Protagonist and thwart the Killer
  • Story Board mechanic tracks significant game events, compiling a thrilling summary¬†of each Screening
  • Each player controls several supporting cast members, working together to support a single, non-player Protagonist
  • Gain Courage to stand up to the Killer, or Plot Points to reveal his vulnerabilities
  • Final Scene pits the Protagonist vs the Killer in a fight for your lives!

*This product is still in the development and play-testing mode, so be patient! Stay tuned to our site, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, for updates on the development process. See more of our games HERE.