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Breakaway Football crowd sale coming soon on The Game Crafter website

Get ready, folks!

Set your calendars for August 11th, because that’s when our beloved sportsball boardgame, Breakaway Football, will be available via Crowd Sale on TheGameCrafter.com website! A Crowd Sale is similar to a Kickstarter, but the amount you pay for the product goes down the more people buy it. The final price you will pay will not be known until the end of the sale, so you may end up paying a great deal less for the game at the end of the week!

In addition, we have a few other Breakaway Football products you will be able to purchase alongside the core game. Also available in the Crowd Sale for a significant discount will be – the Red Zone Expansion, which allows the solo player to simulate games between any two teams in 15 minutes or less (perfect for those running a Breakaway league with several non-human-coached teams) – and the Complete Team Expansions, which includes all 14 team card sets currently available, in addition to the 4 included with the core game. These will also both be subject to deep discounts based on the number of products sold.

A warning though… the Crowd Sale will only last one week (August 11-18), so get your reminders ready! We look forward to sharing this game with as many of you as possible, so you can maximize the savings and jumpstart your Breakaway Football obsession!


See you on the field, everyone!

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