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Mardi Gras Madness makes perfect sense

This is a question we recently posed to ourselves, and to the world in general:

Why is there not a quality Mardi Gras-themed board game out there?

Well, there is no good answer to this. The only thing to do is fix the problem. Which is what we, as native New Orleanians, have decided to do. We love the idea of a game that evokes the family friendly (and not the Girls Gone Wild) version of Mardi Gras that we grew up with gracing the tables of locals and visitors alike, pitting parade-goers against each other in a quest for MOAR BEADS! Seriously, what took so long?

So hold on to your hats, boys and girls, because the Underground is getting ready to unleash Mardi Gras Madness upon the gaming world! And oh, will it be fun…

Stay tuned!

Final 48 hours for Breakaway Football on Kickstarter

Alright folks, we are approaching the finish line… or rather, time is running out and the finish line is way up there, in the distance, mocking us with its seeming unreachableness. However, whether we are able to sprint forward and break that metaphorical tape, or are left staring, forlorn, at the rear ends of so many successful Kickstarters before us, we are extremely grateful for the support you have shown us thus far. And either way, it is far from the finale for Breakaway Football!

We have learned a ton in the last 28 days, both about our game and our approach to funding, and plan to apply this knowledge to each in the future. These last couple days may be quite frantic or completely anti-climactic, but we feel the product will be much improved when (not “if”) it reaches you, dear readers. If that means re-launching this campaign next year, then so be it. The Uplink Underground is proud of this game, and look forward to making it properly for you all when the time is right.

So stay strong, friends of the revolution, as we make this final push toward that fateful day (noon on Friday, October 28th). We will continue to work to make this game, and all our endeavors, as entertaining as possible. And we hope that you will continue to come along for the ride…

Cheers, and thanks!
Mark (and Art and Ben)

Kickstarter for Breakaway Football off to a great start

After one week, the Kickstarter campaign for Breakaway Football is around 25% funded! Definitely looking forward to delivering this game to all our amazing donors. Of course, we’ve got a long way to go and a long time to get there (23 more days!), so now is no time to rest on our laurels.

That said, we are extremely happy with the support we have received from all you good people who believe in our vision for this game, and beyond. And for those of you on the fence about backing this project, there is no time like the present to join. The revolution needs you!


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