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Uplink Underground Games is an Indie board game publisher with titles focused on player immersion, modern mechanisms, and compelling stories. Our mission is to make highly thematic games with challenging strategic decisions, multiple paths to victory, and epic game narratives worth retelling.


Mardi Gras Madness

1-6 players. 30 minutes

Mardi Gras Madness

A light, family board game where players go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, collecting sets of beads, cups, doubloons, and other “throws.”

Designed by New Orleans natives, Mardi Gras Madness is a thematic parade experience complete with special “Throw Me Something” cards that give you an edge in boxing out the crowd and securing your favorite throw cards.

A great experience for up to six players, just like Carnival itself, the more players the merrier! If you miss the parades, try the dedicated solo mode for single-player fun. Compete against the sneaky Mardi Bot AI to snatch your favorite throws before the crowd steals them away!



1-4 players. 90 minutes

Breakaway Football

Breakaway Football is a middleweight, 1-4 player, card-driven strategy board game where you are the Head Coach calling all the Offensive and Defensive plays for one of 4 unique teams. Using realistic football strategies, outwit your opponent and create exciting big plays called “Breakaways” – huge gains on Offense, drive-killing sacks and turnovers on Defense.

The simplicity of the game engine – The “Game Day Deck” – captures all the probability of tackle football into a single card pull. Simply compare the play calls and apply the modifier on the Game Day Card. Luck cuts both ways, so it is superior strategy that wins the day!

Breakaway Football focuses on creating a plausible, compelling football narrative, where you feel the tug of war, the ebb and flow, and the drama of competition.



1-4 players. 90 minutes

Breakaway Football: Weather Expansion

Breakaway Football is board game of strategy, of X’s and O’s, but football is a game of mud and rain, of wind and frigid cold, a game where players must adapt to the environment and master the elements to achieve victory.

Extreme cold has shaped the mythology of Pro Football. The “Ice Bowl” in Green Bay. The “Freezer Bowl” in Cincinnati. “Red Right 88” in Cleveland. Snow, sleet, ice, and extreme cold change the conditions of the game and force coaches to adjust their strategies.

Rain imbues football with an epic scope and sweeping importance that cannot be understated. Deluge games are just plain awesome, especially in how elite athletes are hobbled by wet hands, soft earth, and standing water. Add in wind and you’ve got football weather.

With this new Breakaway Football Weather Expansion, you can now experience these same epic coaching conditions at your own table.




1 player. 10-15 minutes per game

Breakaway Football: Red Zone Season Simulator

Every football board game tells a story. The underdog claws back from a big deficit to force Overtime. The favorite destroys the competition. Two evenly matched teams trade lead changes back and forth in an epic tug of war. Welcome to Breakaway Football: Red Zone where these stories develop quickly like a TV highlight package.

The Breakaway Football: Red Zone expansion set allows players to simulate games between any two Breakaway Football teams in under 15 minutes. Breakaway Football: Red Zone is the perfect complement for players looking to host tournaments or entire seasons, either head-up or in Solo mode, because games between AI coaches can be simulated very quickly.


Breakaway Football: Expansion Teams (38 teams)

Take command of iconic pro football single season rosters. Coach Roger Staubach’s Cowboys, Terry Bradshaw’s Steelers, Walter Payton’s Bears, Barry Sanders’ Lions, Jim Kelly’s Bills, and many more. Teams include non-NFL names, new logos, and similar color schemes with the pro team that inspired the design.  Visit our YouTube channel to watch a short video like the one below on each franchise!

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