Game Day Card

Breakaway Football is a 1-4 player, card-driven strategy game where you are the Head Coach! The board game gives you the chance to call all the Offensive and Defensive plays for your team. Using realistic football strategies, you can outwit your opponent and create exciting big plays called “Breakaways.” On Offense, breakaways can create huge gains. On Defense, breakaways create drive-killing sacks and turnovers.

Easy To Play

First, rather than focus on player skills, yardage charts, spinners and dice, Breakaway Football makes football simple. Play a card with a single-digit strength rating onto the board. Your opponent plays their card. A third “Game Day” card modifies the result. Simple addition and subtraction quickly yields the play result.

Defense Card

Offense Card

Core game includes four (4) teams: the Fire, Lightning, Maulers and Pharaohs.

Game Mechanisms

– “No Clock” Timekeeping
– Descriptive storytelling Game Day deck
– Audibles to outwit your opponent
– Quick play field in 5-yard chunks
– Quick resolving plays with no charts or dice

With challenging, head-to-head action and realistic coaching decisions, Breakaway Football delivers a true football experience in half the time of traditional football simulations.

Unique Teams with Special Abilities

Nearly all Breakaway Football teams are based on historical teams from the NFL or NCAA. Expansion teams are inspired by the Peyton Manning Colts, Lombardi Packers, Ditka’s Bears, and many others!

Solo Rules Included

Robust and team-specific AI helps create a heads-up experience even when you play alone. A great way to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each team, the solo game helps you refine your strategy or just scratch that football itch! Each team has unique logic for the solo game, and the heads-up play mat flips over to reveal the solo play surface.


Expansions include more historical franchises, a separate system for weather effects, and fast simulations of non-player coached league games. View our Games page to see all the expansion content available.

Print & Play (PnP) Game Files

Remember, nearly all our Breakaway Football products are available as PnP files for purchase, download, and discovery! Click here to visit our PnP Gallery


Breakaway Football Strategy Guide 1-24.

Breakaway Football Solo Rules and FAQs v2

Breakaway Football Core Rules v3


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