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Mardi Gras Madness is a light, family-friendly set collection card game where you are trying to snag the best throws from a Carnival parade! Initially released exclusively in the New Orleans region, the game was designed by locals as a love letter to the Carnival season with an emphasis on theme and local color.

If you play your cards right (and roll your dice well), you could be crowned Monarch of Mardi Gras!

As the parade rolls down the avenue, use your wits to decide which throws to attempt to catch. Then roll-off against anyone who dares pursue your throws! Over the course of 8 rounds, gather your best sets of beads, cups, doubloons, and plush toys. Play your “Throw Me Something” cards strategically to outwit the crowd and gain the most points.

The game engine is flexible enough to offer Casual and “Carnival” scoring depending on your group’s thirst for competition. For solo players, enjoy a competitive puzzle as you match wits against two “Mardi Bot” AIs.

For a look inside the minds of the designers, listen to this brief podcast episode.

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