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Hurry-Up Offense

Hurry-Up Offense box front

Hurry-Up Offense is a dice-based game, pitting two players head-to-head on the football field. One plays the offensive team (down by 4 points) attempting to drive down the field for the winning touchdown. The other player takes control of the defense, trying to stop the offense and preserve victory.

Play begins with the offensive player on first down at his own 20-yardline. Each play, the defender chooses (by selecting a number of dice) which type of play they think the offense will call – run, short pass, medium pass, or long pass. The offense then announces the play call, and the defender reveals the dice. If the defender chooses incorrectly, the offense rolls all their dice, creating more opportunities to move the ball downfield, creating first downs and keeping the drive alive.┬áThe correct call results in the offense rolling fewer dice, and a better chance at stopping the play, losing yardage, or even turning the ball over, ending the game!

The entire thing takes no more than five minutes, and folds neatly into a playing-card sized box, ready to travel. So you’ll be able bring it along to your tailgate party (or any football viewing occasion) and share the fun with all your friends!

Players: 2
Ages: 10 & up
Duration: 5 minutes