We live in interesting times.

Between the jarring clatter of the morning alarm and the constant buzz of modern communication, it might be difficult to locate and preserve moments of sanity and simple enjoyment. And time is a valuable, but fleeting commodity that seems to be increasingly more difficult to find, despite all the automation and internetization* developed ostensibly to make our daily chores faster and easier. However, in the face of this technological onslaught, the good old-fashioned tabletop board game is experiencing a resurgence. Don’t call it a comeback… they’ve been here for years… but this current wave of interest has buoyed the genre to new heights. One might even venture to say that, right now, we are living in the Golden Age of board gaming.

Yes, in this world of smart phone apps and first person shooters, the board game has found renewed life. Of course, one does not exclude the other… plenty gamers of all sorts cross lines to enjoy a different type of entertainment on occasion… yet this rapid growth has brought many non-gamers into the fold. This is where I come in. While it would be disingenuous to say I was not a gamer, my first love was the role playing game. Dungeons & Dragons led the way (as it did for all RPGs) in my youth, followed by many, many others through the years. The board game, though, was something I only played when my friends (especially my fellow Undergrounders, Art and Ben) suggested it. These tabletop sessions, while enjoyable, were not something I pursued. Until recently…

Upon moving back to New Orleans from the east coast, just four short years ago, I found myself awash in diverse games. Regularly, some new product would find its way into Ben’s repertoire, catching my fancy more and more with the complexity and creativity of these experiences. Gradually, I began discovering games without the prompting of others, and a new love was kindled. Being creative types ourselves, Art and Ben and I began to discuss crafting our own. This did not happen overnight, but suddenly Art and I were drinking whiskey in my apartment (following a well-fought bout of Twilight Struggle) talking about this idea he had for a football card game. Several months, and much play-testing, later, we had a pretty solid core that we eventually named “Breakaway Football”. The fire was lit then, and other ideas began to appear in our weekly gaming sessions. It was within these flames the Uplink Underground was forged.

So here we find ourselves, in the summer of 2016, with a number of projects in the works, barreling toward our first Kickstarter campaign. ‘Tis truly an exciting time to become a part of this movement. Hopefully we can do it justice and offer something a little different, a little better… and I believe we have the experience and ingenuity to do just that. Our sights are set high, friends, and we invite you along for the ride. Now… the Uplink Underground has gone public, and the revolution will be tabletop! Yeah, I just made that up…

Stay tuned!

*”internetization” is totally a word and should be added to your phones

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  1. Katie


    Love the LL Cool J reference! I remember talking to you about this project at FQ Fest. I’m excited that it’s here! I will donate when your Kickstarter campaign comes around.

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