Perhaps the greatest joy of sport simulation games is answering that question of “What if…” Who would win in a QB duel of Patrick Mahomes vs. Johnny Unitas? Can I coach the loveable losers of my youth to newfound glory? How might a league of legendary franchises play out over an entire season? Introducing Breakaway Football: Team Creator, a new product coming to The Game Crafter later this year.

With Breakaway Football: Team Creator, you can design the playbooks and select team mechanisms to create your own Breakaway Football team for head-to-head play. Better still, you can create either a generic team or choose any pro squad from 1958 to the present day. Teams from different time periods are balanced according to the rule sets of their eras, allowing plausible “what if” simulations between teams from different decades.

Breakaway Football: Team Creator also includes rules for quick sim cards for use with the Breakaway Football: Red Zone season simulator. Making your custom Red Zone card for your new team allows you to engage in tournament or league play. Best of all, any team created with Breakaway Football: Team Creator is fully compatible with all Breakaway Football expansions, including all official published teams and the Weather Expansion.

Featuring reusable components and endless replayability, Breakaway Football: Team Creator is a must for football enthusiasts! (Projected release by August 2024)


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