Expand your collection of the popular Breakaway Football board game on Tabletop Simulator! You can now buy all 38 expansion franchises in downloadable save files (.json) organized by era. This option is less than half the cost of print-on-demand and is instantaneously ready for play with no extra work by you. Just copy the save file to the proper folder on your computer and you are ready for action!

Own these iconic pro franchises from 1964-2023 and bring the history of pro football to your virtual table. Play solo using the special solo board and team-specific AI sheets. Play head-to-head against your friends one of over 861 one-shot “what if” games from history. You can even host tournaments or league play with players across the globe!

Free downloadable rule books (on BGG) and videos explaining the mechanisms of each of the 38 teams are linked in the product pages. Click an image to explore what’s possible!




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