Uplink Underground Games announces the newest expansion to Breakaway Football, Team Creator, which allows players to build any pro football squad for Breakaway Football from 1958 to the present day!

Who would win in a QB duel of Patrick Mahomes vs. Johnny Unitas? Can you coach the loveable losers of your youth to newfound glory? How might a league of legendary franchises play out over an entire season?


By using each team’s historical statistics and weighting them to compensate for rules differences over the years, Team Creator provides an “apples for apples” comparison of teams regardless of their age in history, allowing for compelling “what if” matchups between iconic teams from different decades.

Breakaway Football: Team Creator also includes rules for quick sim cards for use with the Breakaway Football: Red Zone season simulator. Making your custom Red Zone card for your new team allows you to engage in tournament or league play. Best of all, any team created with Breakaway Football: Team Creator is fully compatible with all Breakaway Football expansions, including all official published teams and the Breakaway Football Weather Expansion.


“The development of Team Creator took 3-4 years of consistent effort from a sizeable group of dedicated designers and players,” said Arthur Franz IV, lead game designer. “The goal of the product was to codify and standardize the design decisions required to make historically accurate Breakaway Football teams that feel like the squad that inspired them. At the same time, the system needed to ensure that teams weren’t overpowered or underpowered relative to the published teams.”

“In many ways, Team Creator shares its game DNA with the long tradition of character generation in Role Playing Games,” Franz continued. “Creating your team is just like building a character in an RPG, selecting strengths and weaknesses, choosing traits, and spending points to establish how well they perform in game.”

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